A kind and measures of the pimple trace

A kind and measures of the pimple trace

A kind and measures of the pimple trace

It is a pimple trace that there are some kinds, and countermeasures are different depending on a symptom.

A pimple trace left by pigmentation is something like stain of the skin which melanin leaves for the epidermis.

If a trace was done to the epidermis, it becomes thin by progress of even only time.

It will be difficult to put out a pimple trace of the melanin which it was possible for in the dermis layer even if I take time so much.

I remove the keratin which became old of the skin by chemical peeling, and it is indispensable to introduce vitamin C by activation of the skin.

When a reddish tinge is left after a pimple was gone, in the inside of the skin, inflammation may be still taking place.

There is the person disappearing in several weeks, but it may take several years, and there seems to be a difference by a person during the period when a reddish tinge goes down.

Because inflammation may turn worse when I expose skin to ultraviolet rays, it will prevent you from exposing the pimple trace which a reddish tinge was left to light of the sun.

A method to relieve inflammation by the introduction of activation and the vitamins derivative of the hormone balance to be improved is recommended.

The case which an irregularity is left on skin seems to be the most difficult pimple trace.

In this case ability to regenerate of the skin is damaged.

If it is a relatively light dent, there is the possibility of the recovery, but it is cancellation of a deep dent that it is difficult.

Take time, and wrestle patiently; there must be.

I may have to undergo a surgical operation of dermatology and the vanity surgery for the complete recovery of the pimple trace.


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